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Online Zoom Talk & Subsequent Discussion with Richard C. Schneider (Munich/Tel Aviv), Journalist, Author and Documentary Filmmaker.
Tuesday, February 8, 2022 7:30 pm

Time and again, anti-Semitism proves to be a dangerous but resilient worldview. In recent years, jews in Germany have repeatedly been attacked, insulted or synagogues have been damaged. Since we are convinced that the well-being of the Jews and their communities among us is an indicator for the democratic state of our community, this development is very worrisome for us. Where does the hatred against Jews come from? Media and politics almost mantra- like do repeat that there is anti-Semitism from the right, from the left, among Muslims and also in the middle of our society, as well as in any mixtures of these groups. Often it remains with a superficial mentioning, but an explanation is rarely provided. In this lecture, Richard C. Schneider attempts an explanation of why anti-Semitism is so virulent even and maybes especially in times of a pandemic. He recently traced the topic in a four-part documentary series and arrived at a comprehensive analysis. He has also previously dealt with the subject in his many years as an Israel correspondent for the ARD, as an author and journalist. 


The lecture is organized by the Junge Forum DIG Heidelberg, the Verein Ehemalige Synagoge Hemsbach and the Freundeskreis Weinheim-Ramat Gan. Participants can join the chat with questions and hints. Everyone interested is cordially invited to participate in the presentation on Zoom.

The access data for the corresponding Zoom meeting can be obtained by sending a
message to KONTAKT | or by sending an e-mail to


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