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Friendship Association Weinheim - Ramat Gan e. V. 




The heart of the friendship between Weinheim and Ramat Gan is the annual youth exchange. Up to twenty students from the Dietrich Bonhoeffer High School and the Werner Heisenberg High School can participate. Each participant is both a guest in Israel and a host to her or his exchange student in Weinheim, either for two weeks. Numerous sights in both countries are visited, and fun is never neglected. Since 1986, several hundred students have taken part in the exchanges. The organization is done in close cooperation between the Stadtjugendring Weinheim and teachers from both high schools.

Experience a breathtaking country and apply to one of the most exciting exchange programs in the region.

During the more than 30 years of the history of the program, numerous bridges have been built, friendships have been formed and even a marriage was closed. Each participant gains a lot of life experience by dealing with the culture, tradition, religion and mentality of Israeli people. The exchange students learn why it is so important to fight intolerance, ignorance and prejudice. They get the chance to form their own picture of Israel. They have dialogues with interesting and very diverse people about issues and conflicts which the whole of mankind has not been able to resolve up to today. At the end of the exchange, most of the participants will have expanded their life horizons and will have fundamentally rethought normal events. There is much more to discover in the world than one can imagine. The youth exchange program with our sister city Ramat Gan can be the first step in this direction for every young person.


“Die schönste und spanndenste Erfahrung unseres Lebens!” 


—  Julian & Ole, Teilnehmer 2016

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